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Throughout Islamic history, horse racing and breeding of good horses have held an honourable place. Pakistan continued breeding thoroughbred horses as was being done before partition of India in 1947. The Jockey Club of Pakistan chartered by the Government of Pakistan is the only supreme controlling authority of horse breeding and horse racing in Pakistan.

At present there are forty registered horse breeding studs in all the four provinces of Pakistan. There are ninety-eight thoroughbred stallions out of which thirty-four are imported and sixty-four are Pakistan bred. There are six hundred and fifty-three thoroughbred mares out of which one hundred and twenty are imported and five hundred and thirty-three are Pakistan bred. On average yearly there are hundred and fifty foals. The main import of horses is from Great Britain/Ireland and some from France and USA. Pakistan has not been able to export any horse despite their high quality and low price because The Stud Book of Pakistan is approved since 10th November 2020.