Phone Number

+92 (042) 35121448

(1) Registration of a stud farm Rs. 90000/-
(2) Registration of brand of a stud farm Rs. 20000/-
(3) Regularization of wrong branding Rs.   5000/-
(4) Stud renewal fee by 31st January each year Rs.   4000/-
a.             Ist Feb to 31st Mar each year Rs.   4500/-
b.             Ist Apr to 30th Jun each year Rs.   7000/-
c.             Ist Jul to 30th Sep each year Rs.   9500/-
d.             Ist Oct to 31st December each year Rs.   14000/-
(5) Change Name of a stud farm once registered Rs.   6100/-
(6) Registration of a stallion Rs. 21500/-
(7) Change of name of registered stallion Rs.   10500/-
(8) Broodmares: –
a.       PAK & HBP Rs.   2100/-
b.       Country Bred Rs.   6100/-
(9) Change of name of registered broodmare Rs.   10500/-
(10) Registration of sale/lease deed of a horse Rs.   2500/-
(11) Registration of race horse ownership Rs.   12000/-
(12) Registration of name of horse bred at a stud registered with JCP Rs.   8500/-
(13) Registration of name of horse bred at remount area under control of Ministry of Defence Rs.   9500/-
(14) Registration of name of horse for race with country halfbred Rs.  11000/-
(15) Registration of name of imported horse Rs. 20000/-
(16) Registration of colour of jockey Rs.     900/-
(17) Registration of authority of a race horse Rs.     500/-
(18) Jockey/Trainer license fee Rs.   4500/-
(19) Jockey/Trainer license yearly renewal fee Rs.   4500/-
(20) Registration of change of name of a race horse is categorized as under: –
a.             Not yet participated in race Rs.   4000/-
b.             Horse already participated in races the fee is as follows: –
                (a)           First change Rs.   5000/-
                (b)           Second change Rs.   6500/-
                (c)           Third change Rs.   7500/-
(21) Registration of contingency of a horse Rs.   2100/-
(22) Fee of nomination of a steward by race club on the panel of JCP Rs. 30000/-